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Don’t delay the clean-up. Cap it now.

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The Coalition to Keep Us Safe is made up of more than 1,000 Missouri moms, small business owners, farmers, law enforcement officers, and elected officials who are committed to a safe, scientifically proven solution at West Lake Landfill.

Supported by Bridgeton Landfill, LLC and Rock Road Industries, Inc., we are working to correct any confusion about West Lake Landfill and advocate for a cap that safely and permanently encases the site.

While some are calling for the complete excavation of the West Lake Landfill, we believe that excavation would introduce dangerous health and safety risks by releasing contaminants into the air, threatening air travel at nearby Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, exposing workers and Missouri communities to low-level radiological materials, and creating traffic risks for surrounding areas.

The Coalition to Keep Us Safe believes the only solution for the health and safety of Missourians is to cap the site, forever.